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Carrom Pool MOD APK v15.2.0 (Unlimited Money, Unlocked)

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Name Carrom Pool Mod APK
Latest Versionv15.2.0
Size 118 MB
Updated21 Sep 2023

Introduction of Carrom Pool

If you are looking for Carrom Pool Mod Apk then you are in the right place. A modified version of carrom pool premium is a Carrom Pool Mod APK which is an Android game that delivers a new sort of twist on Carrom. This carrom has an unlocked feature that is developed in the original game but requires hard work, more playtime, and a lot of rewards in the form of gems/coins to be achieved in it. For the winning of the game, you should put discs into the holes the more discs putter in a spot will be the winner of the game. 


The Home-based multiplayer game, Carrom Disc Pool Mod apk, is mainly played in Asian countries. This game has two modes disc mode and classic mode. The game is played all over the world with top-class players. Are you tired of running out of coins and gems in the Carrom Disc Pool apk and missing out on the chance to beat your opponents? Look no further! Our latest blog post on Carrom Pool MOD APK has got you covered. Learn how to unlock unlimited resources and dominate the game like never before.

Carrom Pool MOD APK 2022

Indian gamer named Maharajas is the developer of carrom pool which is a digital version of the game “Carrom Board”. This game became popular in the subcontinent in the 20th century. A physical Board game was converted into a virtual version introduced and developed by Miniclip named Carrom pool disc game. 

When you go to an App store, sometimes you wonder what is this and how will it play. So therefore we have collected information, features, download links, and many other things about the Carom pool mod apk. Keep reading to find out more.

Carrom Pool Game Modes

This game has three modes. 

1. Play freestyle Mode

Online modes of this game have different fields, having different fees and rewards. The lowest of them is 200 for pairs, while the highest is in Singapore with a 580K entry fee. White Disc has 20 points, and black has 10 points.  

2. Play Disc Pool Mode

In this mode, there is some amount of entry fee, and each player will get a particular color to put in the hole and get the points.  

3. Play Carrom Mode

In the play Carrom Pool Mod Apk game mode, if the player wants to win then the player must put the red puck, and for that, he/ she must pay a fee.

4. Carrom Pool Modded APK Rules

The Carrom Pool Mod Apk rules are that if you hit a disc of your competitor, you should have to pay a one-puck fine. To win a Queen puck a player must put their own color puck. Whenever you win you will get a double reward. The original version has also the same rules. 

What does Carrom Pool MOD APK offer?

Unlimited Coins & Gems

In other games, the rewards collection is too low and this low collection of coins and gems makes you disappointed. But in this game, you will get a lot of rewards through which you will get a striker and enter gameplay. 

Unlimited coins & gems

Unlock Strikers and Pucks

Strikers and pucks are more than you can handle. When you win a reward it makes strikers and pucks unlock. When you get coins and gems you can unlock other things for your need.

No Ads

Ads in the game waste your time waste and also spoil your experience. So in this game, our focus is to make the game free of ads.

Auto Aim

The most demandable feature for winning a game is auto-aim. If you download Britain for Carrom Pool Mod, you will get this option without cost. 

Features Of The Carrom Pool Mod APK

Following are some of the Carrom Pool Mod APK features.

Single Player Game

The game that you can play own, this updated version has different missions and levels so it never gets repetitive.

Multiple-Player Game

You can invite your friends and enjoy a game with them, there is nothing more enjoyable than playing a game with great company. 

Unlimited coins & gems

Customization Options

Here is the option of customization any way you like by unlocking new items.

Earn Coins And Money For Free

This mod apk allows unlimited access to all levels, you can earn many rewards by winning games. 

Offline Play

The most attractive feature is that you can play a game offline. There is no need for an internet connection. 

offline play

Easy Control and Real Physics

Without any difficulty, You can play Carrom Pool Mod Apk. The controlling system is so simple that you do have not to worry about anything. 

Unlock Different Strikers and Pucks

In Carrom Pool Mod Apk you can unlock many things. In this version, you can unlock different strikers and also, pucks after the completion of a specific task.

Win Free Prize Bins with Exciting Prizes

Exciting prizes are given to players after they fulfill tasks and missions.  it will never disappoint you.

Compete With The Top Players

You will compete with top-class carrom players, giving a Challenge to players across the world. 

Unique Design Elements

In this version, there are unique design elements like background colors and table designs which make it very attractive.

Carrom APK Version 6.2.1 Download 2022 

You can easily download and install this app on your device, imagine a game where you can get a lot of coins and gems. Unlimited benefits, opportunities, and rewards are a keen focus of MOD APK’s Carrom Pool.

Steps to follow when you Download

  1. If you want to download then you must delete an existing app. 
  2. Whenever you uninstall simply download a Carrom Pool Mod Apk from the below link. 

Steps to follow while installing

  1. When a download is completed then go to settings. 
  2. Enable “unknown source” From a setting area.
  3. After enabling it make it clear that all of the steps are completed according to the provided information. 
  4. Then click on the install button.
  5. The installation will start in a few minutes, and after that, you can use it.


If you are a lover of the carrom game and if you have no friends that can play physically then try this game online. Once you play the Carrom Pool Apk you will be addicted you will be compelled to play again to play. 

This article will help you a lot and your playing will be more enjoyable. Now it’s your turn to download Carrom Pool Mod Apk because it became popular due to a lot of features offered in the game.  You will compete with others and enjoy the Head Soccer game, all over the world. 


You can win a lot of rewards while playing the Carom game. It provides a lot of gems and coins so don’t worry about unlocking anything. 

Players of all ages who want to enjoy this game should download the game because there is no limit to the time. 

Absolutely yes. This digital game is the safer game.

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