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Evil Defenders MOD APK v1.0.20 (MOD, Unlimited Money)

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Name Evil Defenders Mod APK
PublisherCrazy Panda Limited
Latest Versionv1.0.20
Size 26.4 MB + 160.3 MB
Updated30 Mar 2023

Some Instructions about the OBB file are written below the Installation Method.

Introduction of Evil Defenders

Are you an enthusiast of tower defense games and appear for an entertaining phone game to pass the time? So Evil Defenders Mod Apk is a trendy tower defense game that has been taken pleasure by millions of gamers worldwide. Crazy Panda Games published the game, first released for iOS, Android, and Tablets devices in 2015. After that, the updates of this game are frequently with the latest content, features, or bug fixes to keep gamers engaged.

Introduction of Evil Defenders

Short-Line Story

In the short line, Evil Defenders Mod Apk is like a game where your role is like evil defenders protecting their base from heroes’ attacks. The game is positioned in a dream world where the evil defenders are not necessarily evil, other than just annoying to defend their home from individuals who would look to obliterate it.

Multiple Specifications of Evil Defenders

The game features a diversity of singular towers, which you can use to protect your base. Every tower contains only one-of-a-kind skills and improves to make the game extra efficient next to enemy hits. It would help if you intentionally placed your buildings to make a network, which will power the heroes to get a longer trail to the base and give the protector extra time to hit them.

As you step forward from beginning to end in the game, you will get gold, which can be used to improve your towers or buy the latest at once. You will also obtain skills points, which can level up your defenders, create additional power, or unlock the latest skills.

The exclusive feature of Evil Defenders Mod Apk is the capability to utilize magic spells to support the justification of the base. These spells range from straightforward fireballs to powerful twisters, which can clean out complete waves of enemies. Use your spells purposefully to maximize efficiency.

Features of Evil Defenders Mod APK

Evil Defenders Apk is a modified story of the original game, which provides extra features or advantages and is not accessible in the original version. These features are planned to improve the gameplay understanding, offer extra suppleness, or manage more than defenses.

The game article includes multiple types of key features of Evil Defenders Mod Apk.

Unlimited Gold

The main feature of Evil Defenders Apk Mod, you have access to unlimited gold. It means you can improve your towers or buy the latest ones much earlier than in the regular version of the game. It does not simply make the game more pleasurable and provides testing with diverse tower mixtures or plans without perturbing about running out of gold.

Unlimited Gems and Unlimited Gold

Evil Defenders Mod Apk offers unlimited gems. Gems are a quality currency in the game. Also, the Mod Apk provides gems with no trouble unlocking all the skins and spells in the game without spending time. The game lets you completely modify your towers or defenders without disturbing the charge of the gems.

Unlimited Gems and Unlimited Gold in Evil Defenders

Freedom With Lots of Ads

An extra key feature of Evil Defenders Apk is the removal of all ads. You can take pleasure in the game without any ads. It means you can play from beginning to end levels without any disruptions and makes the game a great deal of additional pleasurable or immersive.

Unlock All Different Types of Skins

As mentioned earlier, skins are a key feature of Evil Defenders Mod Apk and provide a modification to your towers or defenders. This game feature unlocks all skins from the beginning of the game. You can select any skin you want for your towers or defenders without worrying about the charges.

Gets All Types of Spells and Also Unlocked

Spells are another premium feature of Evil Defenders Mod Apk. You can get all spells unlocked from the beginning of the game. That means you can use any spell without worrying about the price and complexity of getting it.

Gets All Types of Spells and Also Unlocked

Obtain All Types of Towers With Unlocked

Lastly, Evil Defenders Apk also unlocks all towers from the beginning of the game. The Mod Apk towers must be unlocked, and do not buy them by using the gold and unlocked. The Mod makes the game easy to test with dissimilar tower groupings or strategies.

Survival Mode In Evil Defenders Mod Apk

As well as the major movement of the Evil Defenders Mod Apk contains features like a survival mode where you have to survive as long as possible next to never-ending waves of enemies. This model is an immense method to make additional gold or understanding points and check out the latest tower or spell combinations.

Modification Look Your Defenders and Towers

A further attractive feature of Evil Defenders is the capability to modify the look of the defenders or towers. You can choose from multiple skins to create your defenders or towers. It inserts an entertaining, individual touch to the One Punch Man Road to Hero game, rarely seen in further tower defense games.

Provides the Facility of Online Multiplayer Mode

Finally, Evil Defenders Mod Apk also contains the features of online multiplayer mode where you can fight next to each other to observe who can defend your base the greatest. This mode inserts a further sheet of opposition or play-again capability in the game as you struggle to scale the worldwide leaderboard or make full of yourself rights over your friends.

How to download and install Evil Defenders Mod Apk

If you want to download it from here.

Firstly, enabling the “Unknown Sources” option from the setting is a must.

  1. Go and click on the download link
  2. Save the downloaded file on your device. 
  3. Go and click on the downloaded file and wait until the installation is completed. 
  4. Once all the processing is complete then go and play the fantastic Strategy games accurately away.

How to Install OBB File

  • You have to Download the MOD APK file & the OBB file from APKslug.
  • OBB file is provided in a .zip extension.
  • So, you can extract the file after installation using CX File Explorer & copy the Extracted OBB folder, and paste it into Androidobb. (E.g. Android/OBB/Evil Defenders MOD APK).


In conclusion, Evil Defenders Mod Apk is an enjoyable or addictive tower defense game, providing only a one-of-a-kind twist in the genre. Using its extensive diversity of towers, spells, and modification opportunities, you will find them returning to the game again. By using the accessibility of the Evil Defenders Apk Mod, you can take pleasure in all the game features or advantages and not include any boundaries and in-game buy.


Yes! Evil Defenders Apk is safe and secure for use.

Evil Defenders Mod Apk is a pleasurable and addictive tower defense game that gives a unique twist to the genre. With its wide variety of towers, spells, or modification options, you will discover them coming back in the game on one occasion.

Yes! You can get unlimited gems in the Evil Defenders Apk by using the Mod Apk version.

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