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Flamingo Animator MOD APK v2.1(Premium Unlocked)

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Name Flamingo Animator Mod APK
PublisherNot Flamingo Studio
GenreArt & Design
Latest Versionv2.1
Size 8.1 MB
Updated10 Mar 2023

Introduction of Flamingo Animator

If you’re a painting enthusiast, Flamingo Animator Mod Apk is a highly practical application that can help you turn your creative ideas into reality using advanced shaping techniques. With this app, users can easily create and customize an unlimited number of cartoon characters, making it suitable for professionals and amateurs alike.

Introduction of Flamingo Animator

Flamingo Animator is an app designed for creating and editing videos, as well as 2D animated movie characters. Unlike other software that is only compatible with Windows operating systems, Flamingo Animator allows users to express their creativity through mobile devices. This unique graphic design software enables users to transform their character images into animated animations complete with sound dubbing.

Customize Everything About Your Character’s Appearance

The Flamingo Animator Mod apk offers a large number of key features which allow users to create 3D scenes and rich 2D visual effects. Users can begin by creating their character using a pre-made sketch and then use their imagination to perfect it into a complete character.

Customize Everything About Your Character’s Appearance
Customize Everything About Your Character’s Appearance

 With the app’s robust set of tools, the users can bring their characters to life and also create stunning visual effects that genuinely stand out.

Support Many Features To Create A Complete Story

Flamingo Animator provides users with the support of a stylus to edit their character drawings, along with a range of updated tools to create skeletons and assemble 2D characters. With these features, users can create various character models for people, animals, and creatures, allowing their creativity to shine truly. 

Support Many Features To Create A Complete Story

This app represents a breakthrough in graphic design software, offering users the ability to use bone techniques to bring their creations to life. With Flamingo Animator, the possibilities are endless

Key Features

  • With Flamingo Animator, users can bring their creativity to life using bone animation character-creation techniques. 
  • You can create and export a variety of videos and gifs. 
  • The graphic support enables users to create complete and unique designs.
  • You can save and select the design using pre-built files, making backup creation easier.
  •  Using the Flamingo Animator also offers Speed adjustment and fine-tuning phoneme expressions.
  • It also allows for further customization and control over the final product.

Features of Drawing Editor

With many options like size, color, and transparency, you can choose from different drawing and editing tools, including brushes, erasers, brushes with filling, buckets, and eyedroppers.

Adding, Swapping

Merging, and also duplicating layers are possible using it in the layer’s menu.

Support for a stylus

To enable pressure in the setting of brush, and turn on between eraser and also brush instantly. Compatibility with Samsung pencils is recommended.

A canvas can be created

The image can be imported from the gallery to be cropped or traced.

Features of the Animation Editor

  • To begin animating your model, start by creating a skeletal tree to set up the initial pose.
  • When you include multiple images in an animation, they will switch places in sequence.
  • By disabling a subtree, certain parts of the model can be hidden during the animation.
  • The scaling mode in animation enables you to stretch or compress your images as needed.

Features of Export

  • Users can change the videos and GIF’s quality.
  • It is also possible to change the color of the background and the sign of your gif.
  • Your models should be saved as “pack” files if you want to move your project to another device with friends.

How to Download and Install Flamingo Animator

  1. Download the file from the official website.
  2. Go and Enable “Unknown Sources” in your device’s security settings.
  3. Go to your downloads folder and tap the file.
  4. The mod Apk can be installed by following the instructions on the screen.
  5. Select the app and tap on “Download” to install it.


Flamingo Animator Mod Apk is one of them. Some of the software works on Windows, this app gives you permission to work on mobile. Using Flamingo Animator, you can turn your character designs into fully animated figures complete with sound dubbing. 

The software offers a range of features, including stylus support for drawing and tools to create skeletons and assemble 2D characters. By using bone animation techniques, you can create unique and intricate designs. You can also export your videos and GIFs to share your creations with others. With the app’s motion editing tools, you can adjust speed, combine expressions, and fine-tune phonemes. You may also like to use the Logokit app to create logos.


 you can find hidden files by navigating to the storage folder (either the device’s storage or the SD card).

When the user downloads the Apk file from Apkslug.com, we will check the relevant APK file on Google Play and let the user download it directly. 

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