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Flip Diving MOD APK v3.6.60 (MOD, Unlimited Money)

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Name Flip Diving Mod APK
PublisherMotionVolt Games Ltd
Latest Versionv3.6.60
Size 125 MB
Updated25 June 2023

Introduction of Flip Diving

Are you a fan of Diving and now searching for an entertaining or testing phone game? So Flip Diving Mod Apk is valuable for you. This game is a phone game that was popular among gamers at the time of its release. The arcade-method game analyses your jumping or diving ability with singular heights or performing arts activities. The game was published by Miniclip and presented free to download on multiple devices like Android, iOS, and tablets strategy. The game is entirely free to play and contains the opportunity to buy the game resources and improve the premium story of the game.

Introduction of Flip Diving

Short-Line Story

In the short line, Flip Diving has a simple, trouble-free gameplay experience. The game aims to jump or dive with a higher display place into a pond of water and perform arts actions in the middle of the air. You must control the character’s progress or perform flips, twists, or multiple activities by touching the monitor. The game provides a mixture of diving positions by single difficulties, tasks, or display places of changeable heights. You must manage the actions or jumps to avoid problems or land carefully in the water.

Multiple Specifications of Flip Diving APK

Flip Diving Mod apk is a fashionable phone game that has imprisoned the hearts of millions of gamers worldwide. The game is thrilling and engaging, Diving from a high stand into a pond of water. You can present flips or other types of aerobatics and Diving to score points or develop the game.

The game features several characters and their sole diving method or capability. You can unlock all types of characters with their skills and improve the game or select your favorite character and start playing them. In the game, you can modify your character and the Diving position by unlocking or improving singular strategy or barriers.

The only one of its kind advantage of Flip Diving is the “rage meter.” The rage meter is a measure that blocks up the parkland with successful dives. When the rage meter is complete, you activate an extraordinary capability, increasing the character’s presentation and offering to present complex tricks or higher score points. The game feature inserts further enthusiasm or difficulties, making it more appealing.

Features of Flip Diving Mod APK

The new story of Flip Diving Mod apk is released in 2023. The story is approached by the variety of latest features, which make the game still more awesome or engaging. Some of those features of the Flip Diving Mod apk include:

Latest Diving Position

Flip Diving Mod apk provides many of the latest diving positions to discover. These positions consist of a forest waterfall, a Cliffside beach, a city sky-scraper, or further. Every position provides only one-of-a-kind diving understanding by containing its position of tasks or difficulties.

Latest Diving Position

Latest Characters

The new story of Flip Diving Mod apk also establishes the latest characters, which you can select from them—these types of characters approach the one-of-a-kind diving method or capability. You can unlock the latest characters as evolution in the game.

Multiplayer Mode

Flip Diving APK offers a multiplayer mode, which allows you to battle next to the other opponents concurrently. You can challenge your friends and battle with other opponents from around the world and observe who can make the most top score points.

Everyday Tasks

The new story of Flip Diving APK offers daily tasks that you can complete and receive awards. These tasks give particular stunts and make sure to achieve and Diving. You can receive money or other different rewards for finishing these tasks.

Latest Stunts or Tricks

The new story of Flip Diving APK sets up the latest stunts or tricks, which you can present while diving. These types of stunts contain back-flips, front-flips, twists, or more. You can join these stunts to make your own one-of-a-kind diving schedule.

Enhanced Graphics or Visuals

Flip Diving APK v3.5.60 offers enhanced graphics or visuals, creating an extra realistic or beautiful view for the game. The game’s moving picture or physics are also upgraded, and building the Diving understanding is extra realistic.

Enhanced Graphics or Visuals

How to Download & Install Flip Diving Mod APK

There are many steps to rules for setting up the Flip Diving MOD APK  on your devices:

  1. Snap the link lower or download the APK or MOD element of Flip Diving MOD APK.
  2. At the time comes to the installation button will appear on the CPU screen and the whole download. Click on it.
  3. The installation method will end, or the game representation will appear on the CPU screen. Sign in to obtain joy in the fantastic Sports game accurately away.


In conclusion, Flip Diving is an enjoyable or attractive game providing only one kind of diving understanding. The game is appropriate for you and all ages or talented levels, making it a fashionable option for sporty gamers. The game’s free-to-play model or the app buy makes it easy to get to everybody. However, the premium story presents extra advantages for gamers enthusiastic about paying. You may also like the Fishing Hook game.


The Flip diving game does not need wifi. You can play the offline game mode.

Flip Diving was published in August 2016.

Flip Diving game was created by MobileVolt Gamers.

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