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Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery MOD APK v6.6.0 (Mega Menu, Unlimited Energy)

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Name Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery Mod APK
PublisherJam City, Inc
Latest Versionv6.6.0 
Size 131 MB
Updated16 Sep 2023 (1 min ago)

Introduction of Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery

Ever wished you could attend Hogwarts and experience the magical world of Harry Potter firsthand? Tired of waiting for energy refills in Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery? Discover the solution that will unlock unlimited possibilities and make your Hogwarts journey truly extraordinary – How can you unleash the full magic of Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery with the help of MOD APK?

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery Mod Apk is a role-playing video game to be developed and published by Jam City, Inc. and is supported on the well-liked Harry Potter permit. The game was released in 2018 for both iOS and Android devices, and since then, it has increased the huge subsequent of fans who are spellbound by the magical world of Hogwarts.

Introduction of  Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery  Mod apk

Short-Line Story

In the short story, the thrilling features of Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery are used to make and modify your character and fully submerge them in the game. The game is set the year before Harry Potter starts his trip at Hogwarts, allowing him to interrelate with well-known characters such as Professor McGonagall, Professor Flitwick, and Professor Dumbledore. 

The game also brings new typescripts and storylines, adding to the wealth and deepness of the game. The game has been designed for mobile devices and gets easily downloaded and played on the go.

Features of Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery Mod APK

Unlimited Energy

In the planet of Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery, energy is a vital source for everyday jobs and being present in classes. Energy is exhausted each time you do an action. It is a preventive thing for you, as it restricts the quantity of play time and can contain a single sitting.

Unlimited Energy

The game is for those people who are looking to submerge themselves fully. With unlimited energy to be present in as many classes as you like, discover the castle, and complete tasks without perturbing finish out of energy.

Unlock Shopping Items

In Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery, shopping items play a vital role in the gameplay. These items contain clothes, potions, spells, and other side dishes that can be bought in the game using money or gems. Other costs of these items contain warning things, and they do not have money or gems to buy them. 

Unlock Shopping Items

Except for the Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery Mod Apk, you have the facility to unlock all shopping items for free by using unlimited money and gems and buying any shopping item.

No Kingdom Lock

Given the great chance to discover the magical human race of Hogwarts and expose its mysteries. You can face various confrontations and tasks that necessitate energy, money, and gems. These incomes can be used in tricky. The no kingdom lock attribute of the MOD APK version of Harry Potter: 

Hogwarts Mystery takes out the boundaries located on you in the standard version of the game. Without kingdom lock, you can discover all parts of Hogwarts and complete the tasks and tests without creatures limited by energy or resources.

Go Into the Wizarding World

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery is an adventure game that allows you to go into the wizarding world of Harry Potter and gain knowledge of the magic and thrill of living at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. You can go further into the wizarding world and fully plunge yourself into the game. You go deeper into the wizarding world and understand all it has to present in the game.

Find New Friends

Discover the magical world of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and act together with the iconic typescript-like characters. With the Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery Mod Apk also has the chance to find new friends and make bigger the community ring inside the game. The game contains the aptitude to interrelate with extra font characters, classmates, and teachers and form relationships. 

Witchcraft And Wizardry

Get an understanding of magic and the stimulation of living at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. With the Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery Mod Apk, you can explore deeper into the world of witchcraft and wizardry and fully dip in the game. 

Witchcraft And Wizardry

Have the know-how the entire wizarding world has to present with no upsetting things, as you are clever enough to walk around all the features of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Modify Character

The Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery Mod Apk has a chance to get all characters, modify characters attractive to your heart’s wish, and make it your own truthfully. They provide more openings for modified characters and a chance to get attraction with many more other characters and contribute to a variety of behaviors that can add shape and modify the character.

Modify Character

Gameplay Online Or Offline

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery can enjoy online and offline game experiences, getting a single understanding of the wizarding world.

In the online game experience, you can interrelate with additional partners worldwide and jointly partake in diverse behavior. They can be present at classes, walk around the castle, and join in various branches together.

In the offline game experience, you can look at the wizarding world with no break. They give you more personal and lonely knowledge in the game. 

Ads Free

The game is not lacking its tasks and is the most important occurrence of the announcement. Luckily, with the Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery Mod Apk, you like ad-free gameplay. The frequent announcement makes them off-putting and gets them absent from the game experience. 

Free To Playing

This game is free and frequently contains the game and buy to unlock sure skin or development from side to side of the game.  Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery Mod Apk benefits from the game for free. It is completely free to play. 

 Sounds & Music

One of the input profits of the sound in Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery Mod Apk is sensible and attractive. The sounds make, and effects of magic, liquid remedy preparation, and the active sounds of the castle all dish up to make a truthful experience. The background music also contains typical themes starting the Harry Potter franchise, puts into the game’s general impression, and assists in making a more magical world.

 HD Graphic

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery Apk presents dramatic, high-meaning graphics. The game is calculated to transport you into the magical world of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the graphics engage in recreation role is creating the reality. 

HD Graphic

With the green forests near the castle and the active halls of Hogwarts, each game’s feature is calculated with unbelievable detail and manufacturing knowledge, even though you are a part of the wizarding world.


  • Start New School Life As Newman
  • Wonderful Magic Charm
  • Discover The School And Its Server
  • Great Plunder In Diverse Action
  • Superb Visuals And Skill


The MOD APK description of the game recommends several benefits.

  1. The major profit of the Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery Apk is giving unlimited energy.
  2. The facility to unlock shopping items.
  3. Get to play the game with no kingdom locks.
  4. Capacity to modify characters.

How to Download & Install Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery 6.6.0

Here is a step-by-step guideline for installing Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery Mod Apk on your device:

  1. Click the link lower to download the APK or MOD side of Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery.
  2. The install button will become visible on the computer screen once the download is full. Click it.
  3. The installation method will be completed, and the game icon will show on the computer screen. Sign in to take pleasure in the awesome adventure game right away.


In conclusion, Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery Mod Apk has got to attempt to follow the Harry Potter permit and anybody who takes pleasure in adventure games. Whether the adventure of attending Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, making new friends, or shedding magic charm and walking around the wizarding world, and amazing for everybody. Its engaging story, and full graphics in the Terraria game and the gameplay experience remain you think about it for hours on finish. 


Yes, Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery Apk is a full adventure game.

Yes, it is an offline game & also an online mode.

No. It is an offline and single-player game so you can play it without the internet.

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