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Homesapes: 4 Methods to Earn Golds Coins

Homesapes 4 Methods to Earn Golds Coins

Are you a Homesapes fan continually searching for ways to earn more Gold Coins? You’re not alone. Gold Coins are an expensive currency in the game, which can be used to complete challenges, buy furniture and unlock the latest rooms.

This blog post will share six techniques to earn Gold Coins in Homesapes.

Complete Levels

The primary way to earn Gold Coins in Homesapes is by completing levels. Each time you finish a level, you will get a set quantity of coins based on your presentation. The amount of coins you earn depends on the figure of moves you have left, the complexity of the level, and any bonuses you have collected. To maximize your earnings, try to complete each level as professionally as possible.

Complete Levels in Homesapes

Contribute in Events

Homesapes frequently hosts the game events, allowing you to earn extra Gold Coins. These events can contain limited-time challenges, competitions, and special promotions. To participate in an event, find the way to the event part of the game and track the commands. Several events need you to complete specific challenges and levels to earn coins. So create sure to check the event necessities.

Use the Daily Spin

Homesapes provides a daily spin feature, allowing you to spin a wheel to win various prizes and Gold Coins. The Daily Spin is easy to get by clicking the “Wheel” icon on the game’s main menu. The amount of coins you can win depends on your luck. So create sure to spin every day to boost your probability of winning.

Use the Daily Spin

Watch Advertisements

An additional method to earn Gold Coins in Homesapes is by watching advertisements. Throughout the game, you will see ads allowing you to earn coins by watching a short video. While this technique may not be as profitable as the others and it’s easy to earn several different coins while playing.

Join Social Media

Involving your Homesapes account in social media can earn you several Gold Coins. Just link your Facebook account to the game and request your friends to play. You will get coins every time one of your friends starts playing Homesapes.

Login Daily

Finally, logging into the game daily can earn you several free Gold Coins. Homesapes gives a login bonus, which boosts every day you log in a row. Make sure to log in each day to receive your bonus and boost your earnings.


In conclusion, Homesapes provides more than a few traditions to earn Gold Coins necessary for growth from the beginning to the end of the game. Whether you like better finishing levels, contributing to events, using the Daily Spin, watching advertisements, joining social media, and logging in daily, there are many chances to earn the in-game currency. Using these ways, you can grow through the game earlier and enjoy all that Homesapes has to present.

Homesapes 4 Methods to Earn Golds Coins

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