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House Designer MOD APK v1.1460 (Unlimited Money, Unlocked)

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Name House Designer Mod APK
PublisherKarate Goose Studio
Latest Versionv1.1460
Size 93 MB
UpdatedSep 17, 2023 (2 days ago)

Introduction of House Designer

Are you looking to play Simulation games? So in House Designer, Mod Apk is a famous decoration and design game. In the game, you can design and decorate your own homes from the given ground. 

Introduction of House Designer Mod apk

Give a chance to choose from a large variety of furniture and decor options to decorate your living house if you want to design and pick the color, style, and materials used in each room. Karate Goose Studio get-at-able can develop the game on multiple devices.

Short-Line Story

In short, The House Designer, whether an experienced designer or a beginner, House Designer Mod Apk is a pleasant and attractive game that can provide you with a lot of hours to create something unique and make you active and creative. So why wait? Download the Mod Apk today and start designing your dream home!

Features of House Designer Mod APK

Decorate Your Homes

In House Designer Mod Apk, you have the talent to decorate your homes accurately as well as you want to wish. By using a large variety of furniture, decor, and customization options. You have a great chance and free will to create only a one-of-a-kind and stylish home that reflects your taste and style.

Decorate Your Homes

By choosing the color of the walls to the perfect light fixtures, you can design every feature of your home to the exact terms. The game offers a mixture of furniture options, including sofas, chairs, tables, bed frames, and more, so you can make a comfortable and attractive living space.

Unlock New Furniture

The furniture options available in House Designer Mod Apk are varied and different items include everything from modern and modern pieces to usual and model items. With sofas and chairs to tables, bed frames, and more, you have a broad choice of options when designing your homes.

One of the primary compensations of this game is the skill to unlock all furniture items right away. With this feature, you can use all the game furniture without spending much money. This game allows you to create your dream homes faster and without problems, without having to pass the time in the game.

Unlock New Houses

You unlock new houses, which gives you the right to use the new furniture, decoration, and other things. The game gives you a great chance to make homes that are only one of a kind and profound in your style.

The game gives you the main thing to unlock all houses right away. You can get all the game houses and designs without having to play all. Features make the game more pleasant and easy to get to all resources. 

Unlimited Money

In this version, you should earn money by finishing the levels.  The game is a fun and challenging feature of the game; it can also be restrictive and slow down the design development. You are intelligent to find a way around these boundaries and focus exclusively on designing your homes.

Unlimited Money

Unlimited money also allows you to try different design styles and themes without being troubled about the price. From modest and up-to-the-minute designs to usual and typical styles.

Cleaning The House

In House Designer, you are intelligent enough to dirt-free the house without any boundaries. This means the purpose of being able to use as many cleaning items and tools as they need without having to be anxious about running out or waiting for them to recharge.

Cleaning The House

Cleaning the house is a fun and charming feature. It lets you see your progress as they beat up the space and get ready for the next stage of the design process. 

Repair your Home to Boost its Value

In this, you’re talented in repairing their homes without any limits. It means you use as many repair items and tools as needed without being anxious about running out or before them to recharge.

Repair your home to boost its value.

Repairing the home is a fun and winning feature. It allows you to observe the growth, which fixes up the space and prepares it for the next part of the design process. Begin setting up leaks and cracks to improve the appliance. You can take arrogance in work and enjoy the happiness of a well-maintained home.

Earn a Set of Money by Clean

In the House Designer, you have unlimited right of entry to clean up materials and tools that make the clearout development fast and well-organized. It means you can clean as much as you want without worrying.

To earn money by cleaning, you can also get rewards by completing cleaning tasks. The challenge strength includes cleaning the same room, removing a certain number of items, or finishing several cleaning tasks. By completing these challenges, you get money, bonuses, and other rewards in the game.

Free from Ads

The lack of environments in House Designer Mod Apk makes this game an extra pleasant incident for you. You spend hours designing and decorating for your homes without being regularly intermittent by ads, giving you a chance to focus on the game entirely.

Gameplay Online With Friends

Online gameplay in House Designer Mod Apk includes various challenges and competition. You can contribute to a design competition to showcase your skills and creativity by designing and decorating homes in a specific style or theme.

Gameplay Online

You can also participate in other online events, such as speed cleaning challenges and furniture-building competitions. These events allow you to test your skills and battle against other components in real time.

Free to play

In House Designer Mod Apk, you take on the role of center designer and decorate multiple homes. You can choose from various furniture and decorations to create the perfect look for your rooms. The game provides you with a never-ending supply. You don’t give a lot of money to enjoy the game. You have just downloaded it and started playing.

Eye-Catching Graphic

The game gives you a top-down analysis of the homes they are designing, allows you to see the whole space, and makes designs to fit your vision best. You can go fast and out on exact areas to get a quick look and make more specific design decisions. The graphics in House Designer Mod Apk are attractive and purposeful. The game makes it easy to see what each piece of furniture or decoration will look like in the space. 

Graphic of House Designer


The game also features a backdrop soundtrack which gives the frame of mind and provides a calming and pleasant atmosphere. The music is upbeat and cheerful, providing a perfect backdrop for the home design. You also choose to play your music if you prefer. The sound effects and environment of sound in the game contain features such as birds chirping, the sound of water running, etc. 


One of the possible benefits of using a House Designer MOD APK is that it gives you the right of entry and resources such as

  • Simulation Game
  • Unlimited Items
  • Awesome Designs
  • Offline & Online mode

How to Download & Install House Designer Mod APK 1.1460

Here is a step-by-step guideline for installing TheTemple Run Mod Apk on your device:

Download the House Designer APK from Apkslug.com.

You need to allow the option “Unknown Sources.”

  1. Click on the link below to download House Designer Mod APK.
  2. Save the file that you Download to your device folder.
  3. Now tap on Install and wait for the finish of the installation.
  4. Once it is done, open the game and start playing it.


In conclusion, House Designer Mod Apk is an enjoyable and attractive game that allows you to design and decorate your own homes. You unlock new furniture and houses using its unlimited money feature to create your ideal dream home. The aptitude to clean and repair homes adds another coating of practicality to the game, and the online gameplay options allow you to connect with others and share your design skills. you should play the Days After the Game to have more to get more enjoyment.


Yes, House Designer Apk is a full simulator game.

Yes! The House Designer Apk is for mobile devices, tablets, and PC games.

Yes, it is an offline game & also an online mode.

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