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Torque Burnout MOD APK v3.2.7 (Unlimited Money, Unlocked)

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Name Torque Burnout Mod APK
PublisherGrease Monkey Games
Latest Versionv3.2.7
Size 697 MB
Updated23 Aug 2023

Introduction of Torque Burnout

Are you ready to break free from the limitations of the original Torque Burnout game? Discover the solution to unleashing unlimited power, customization, and adrenaline in our latest article on the Torque Burnout Mod Apk. Wondering how to take your virtual burnout to the next level? Look no further! Dive into the world of modified APKs and experience the thrill like never before. Are you ready to rev up and dominate the virtual streets?

Torque Burnout Mod Apk is a well-accepted phone racing game that impacts the minds of various gamers taken on the world. The game is the only one that obtains the kind where you are like a moderator with the capability to make the most excellent burnouts and get a lot of earnings and fanatical follower support. For those who got the Torque Burnout understanding after that level, the Torque Burnout Mod Apk presents outstanding opportunities.

Introduction of Torque Burnout Mod apk

Short-Line Story

In the short line, A MOD APK is the personalized story of the game, which gives the extra features, upgrades, and developments in this game story. Torque Burnout Mod Apk collects new features in-game and offers further modified or improved gameplay.

Multiple Specifications of Torque Burnout

One significant advantage of Torque Burnout Mod Apk is the insertion of new cars. The game features a collection of lofty-presentation of cars, and the MOD APK acquires the game experience to a new elevation with different additional levels and different new vehicles. The new cars will be well-planned to give you a complete racing understanding.

Every car contains its unique uniqueness, management, and velocity. The count of the latest cars means you can present and test your skills with new dynamic driving styles and plans and discover diverse habits to play the game.

The Torque Burnout Mod Apk has a variety of excellent time development, as well as more significant rewards and efficiency to get the game comfortable. You currently unlock new cars and paths further speedily and like everyone’s features. With the insertion of upgrading resources, you currently contain an attractive and extra pleasurable understanding of the game.

Torque Burnout Mod APK Features

Torque Burnout is a trending phone game that creates the know-how for performing arts great burnouts through classic cars. The new story of the APK, v3.2.7, might include the latest features and upgrades. Torque Burnout is a phone game that contains all like burnouts, drifting, or excessive car driving.

Various features of Torque Burnout include:

A Sensible Physics Vehicle Engine

The game brings into play physics, which creates the performance of cars in a realistic style and provides you with the experience of driving the actual influence of cars.

Modification of Cars

You modify your car through various smother jobs, labels, steering wheels, and additional changes.

Modification of Cars

Tasks and Rewards

The game provides different categories of everyday tasks and rewards for you who are new to improving and modifying cars.

The Latest Version of Cars

The game adds many latest cars and schedules. You currently select more than 55 diverse cars, and every car contains only one-of-a-kind position, stats, and presenting methods. The latest cars contain typical 1969 Move Stallion or current sports cars such as Nissan GTR, Honda new models, and other cars.

Promote Graphics

The game graphics will be advanced to look up the whole illustration excellence. The latest story features extra knowledge of car representations, superior illumination properties, and beautiful moving pictures.

Promote Graphics in Torque Burnout Mod apk

New Tracks

Torque Burnout APK v3.2.7 provides more than a few latest tracks in the game. The tracks are well-designed to brave you with diverse difficulties and features. Several tracks contain jumps or barriers that need you to achieve exact exercises; others are designed for sky-scraping-velocity drifting.

Multiplayer Mode

The game currently provides multiplayer mode, which allows you to battle next to others in actual time. You can make and link rooms or race in a variety of game modes, like together with drift battles and burnout fights.

Torque Burnout Multiplayer Mode

How to Download & Install Torque Burnout Mod APK

Here are some steps to guidelines for setting up Torque Burnout Mod Apk on the devices:

  1.  Click the link below and download the APK or MOD and become a part of Torque Burnout.
  2. Complete the downloading when the install button appears on the CPU monitor. Click on it.
  3. The installation will be finished, and the game image will show you on the computer screen. Sign in to get happiness in the amazing racing game correct away.


In conclusion, the Torque Burnout APK likes moving or new methods to enjoy the accepted phone racing game. Adding new cars, tracks, and gaming experience features gives new or single tests, civilizing the gameplay. It is necessary to download the MOD APK from over website. The link is given below. you will love to play Riptide GP: Renegade.


Yes, Torque Burnout Mod Apk is like a fully-racing game. 

Yes! Torque Burnout: Online racing and drifting game.

Yes, Torque Burnout contains two types of mods like offline mode & online mode too.

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