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World Cricket Championship 2 MOD APK v
4.2 (Unlimited Money, Unlocked)

Game Logo
Name World Cricket Championship 2 Mod APK
PublisherNextwave Multimedia
Latest Versionv4.2
Size 680.60 MB
Updated20 Oct 2023
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money

Introduction of World Cricket Championship 2

Are you tired of playing the same old version of World Cricket Championship 2 and not being able to access all the premium features? Look no further! Have you heard of the World Cricket Championship 2 MOD APK? Keep reading to discover how this modified version can enhance your gaming experience. It is interesting to see brand players performing in the big cricket arena like the biggest stage of the World Cricket Championship 2 shortly written WWC2.  In this game, you will select the team, and after showing the best performance you will be the winner of the game. 

Wcc2 Games

More than a million people are cricket lovers, are you also 1 of them? Go and play  World Cricket Championship 2 what sort of game do you like to play? The  World Cricket Championship Mod Apk is the better choice for the cricket game, this was developed by Nextwave, who is the best graphic designer in this field. 

World Cricket Championship 2 MOD APK

The gentleman’s sport of all games is cricket, but it always mixes off with the terrible game of tennis. This game is known as the Queen of Heart and Alice competes it with Adventures in Wonderland. The most advanced 3D game Graphics World Cricket Championship 2 is a mobile-supported game that is available with advanced features. 

Wcc2 Mod

Customizing your competitor, like the selection of stadium, uniform, weather, camera angle, and which sort of tournament you want to play. Even at the time of coining, you can select either a head or tail. Commentators, who elaborate on the situation, realistic sound situation, and successful animation. 

Each day you play, when you win the game you will get rewards that will be helpful for unlocking extras and new content. This video game does not require tolerance. You can always resort to mod apk If you are a bit of a cheat. In this way, you will get a lot of rewards and can unlock all stadiums, tournaments, players, etc.

WCC2 Features

  •  Enjoy the Blitz Tournament for free.
  • Autoplay mode.
  • Challenge your,r friends.
  • Injury of the player upon poor shot selection.
  • Emotions of the players according to the situation.
  • Realtime Infographics.
  • 3D Wagon wheel.
  • innings run to score.
  •  2  batting control systems (Classic & Pro).
  •  100+ motion animations.

What is Cricket? 

In the cricket game, there are 11 team members each and there are two sessions called innings. Both teams are not allowed to present at the time. When 1st innings are completed than 2nd one starts their turn. The 11 members of the team defend the field.

The batting sides have two players on the wickets; from another side, the bowlers will bowl,s and the other players depend on the runs. When the batter hits the ball, they make the runs. If the batter hits the ball on the ground to clear the boundary it will be considered 4 runs if he hits the ball outside the boundary it will be considered 6 runs. 

How to Play World Championship?

In this cricket game, you will practice the basic movements, It is to hit the ball. Three red holes on the court correspond to the three sides of the player’s body standing positions. You can use the three arrows for controlling. When the ball flies through the hole it becomes green. You will lose the game if the If you miss three times. 

First, the opponent will throw World Cricket Championship 2. When the ball flies through the hole, it turns into a blue hole. Quickly press the respective arrow keys Left, Up, or Right to perform the correct ball action.

World Cricket Championship Mod Apk brings new level cricket matches. This game is an exciting cricket game in which you can play the different levels of tournaments. A sharp HD screen display, and vivid 3D graphics which is completely free features.

How to download and install the WCC2 Mod

To download this game you must enable the “unknown sources” option. 

  • First, click on the link and download the APK.
  • Save the file on your PC.
  • Click on the install button and wait to tell you the completion of the installation.
  • Once the tasks are completed start playing the game.

2nd method

  • Open the browser and download the apk file using the link.
  • Go to the Android setting and click on privacy policy.
  • Tap to allow unknown source and enable it.
  • Go to Android downloads and open apk file.
  • Completely follow the instructions till the completion of the installation.
  • Once all process is finished then go for the playing game.

Features of World Cricket Championship 2

The WCC2 is an Android game available on different platforms like PC IOS and Laptops. It has advanced unique features. 

There are a lot of different modes like practicing mode, Quickplay Mode, Tournament mode, Odi series mode, T20 mode, and many more. You’ll find other modes like challenging your friend, gangs of crickets, etc.

Batting, Bowling & Fielding

In this part, we will cover all the items in this game, as we through this game you will find different sorts of features. The AI allows the bowler to bowl on different pitches, speeds, swings, etc. The bowlers, Fielders, and batsmen have new abilities. The batting unit has a different shot selection like cover drive, sweep, cut, defense hitting, and many more. There is a different area of improvement in the fielding area. Different levels of practice for catching, accurate throwing, diving, and, many more. 

Wcc2 Batting, Bowling

Player Attributes

You can change the attributes of the players automatically. For the improvement of your bowling and batting, you can use this feature. For better performance, this automated function improves the player’s skill.

Player Customization

There are five tools for the customization of a player, you can change the uniform, pattern of the uniform, colors, etc for the changing of color you can use the box of the colors in which every color is present. 

Player Customization

Graphics – Camera, Animations

For the development of this game, the developer worked hard to add more than 100+ motion capture animations for high-quality graphics. Different angle elevation camera systems cover the player from every side. 

Its camera provides two angles for playing. With these, you can see the game behind the batsman and bowler. The bowling action is not good. 

Controls – Classic, Pro

There are two types of control pro and classic. General and easy control is among the classic control systems. The covering control of the pro is a little bit different, its control allows you to shoot in any direction you want. For this, you need to place your right finger in the direction you want to play the shot, if you want to play a lofted shot then you swipe your finger upper side.

DRS System

After the Don Bradman Cricket 17, this is the 2nd game that introduces the DRS system in the cricket game. The DRS system can be used only in the LBW, the timer of 10 sec is fixed in which the DRS should be taken. 

DRS System

What’s New

  • The commentary system is in three languages.
  • MPL liceinced uniform.
  • Tournament Modes entry optimizations

Recommended Alternative

Our recommendation is the World Cricket Championship 3, a popular and well-designed game that you will find in the Play Store. There are a lot of features including flexible shooting, helicopter shot, paddle sweep, top cut, and many others. This game has 14 different bowling actions which straighten the weakness of the bowler.


Besides football, cricket game is a widely used game in the world, which has become a cultural feature.  The hottest cricket match which was played between India and Pakistan gave rise to World Cricket Championship 2 MOD APK.  The WCC2 is the best offline game on Android under 100MB, the online feature is valuable when you challenge someone. For more, you want to download


The answer is yes, it is fully safe on any Android device.

Yes, this game is played in offline mode. However, the game is supportable both offline and online. 

You can play it on a PC when you used the Bluestack emulator which allows any android game on pc. 

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